Azuregreen 1 Lb Kava Kava Root Pwd (hkavpb) - by Sage Cauldron

Azuregreen 1 Lb Kava Kava Root Pwd (hkavpb) - by Sage Cauldron
Azuregreen 1 Lb Kava Kava Root Pwd (hkavpb) - by Sage Cauldron (click images to enlarge)

Azuregreen 1 Lb Kava Kava Root Pwd (hkavpb) - by Sage Cauldron

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Description of Azuregreen 1 Lb Kava Kava Root Pwd (hkavpb) -

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Manufacturer Description

Kava Kava root powder is frequently used to help induce spiritual visions, reach meditative trances, or work with astral travel. Especially good in mojo, gris gris bags as well as dream pillows.
This ancient crop of the western Pacific, also known as Piper methysticum, has long been used to help those who imbibe it relax, without interrupting their mental clarity. Traditionally, it has been prepared by chewing, grinding or pounding the root before adding it to water in which it is then consumed. Among the Vanuata, it was imbibed before dinner, so that all involved would have help in relaxing and being at ease. In Fiji, it was an ingredient in a drink called "grog" that is still popular among young men, who drink it and gather for the telling of stories and general relaxation. Among natives, it is said to be of great use when seeking metnal clarity and patience, as well as when seeking ease of acceptance, relaxed muscles, and a general sense of well being. Spiritually, it has been used to induce visions, and is said to increase the potency of spell work involving astral travel. Modern usage of Kava Kava root typically involves the root being powdered, where it is added in varying amounts to water, depending on the desired potency. In this, one can find that it is often mixed with coconut water or milk, lemon grass, cocoa, sugar, or soy milk to add to the flavor and ease of consumption. The purpose of this drink clings close to its original roots, often being designed to aid in finding clarity and peace of mind and a general state of calmness, mind and body. > This is a 1 lb packet of Kava Kava root powder.